How To Make a Real Sensual Massage

Daily stress and all our problems affect us physically and psychically. That’s why it’s really important to find some ways to end up the stressful days. In a couple relationship it is important that the sexual life to be very diversified, that’s why an excellent idea for both of you is that after a hard day, a good sensual massage will revive you.

sensual massage

sensual massage

All of us have heard about this practice, yet not all of us have tried it. That’s why now is the perfect moment to practice it. Try to prepare to your partner a hot bath, with a lot of foam, and be prepared to sensual massage in London every part of his body. This is the perfect choice because it involves a lot of dedication, feelings, from both your side and his side. Only you, his girlfriend, can offer him that sort of moments full of sensual passion and emotion.

Important to Know in Sensual Massage Therapy

For a nice sensual massage therapy, it’s also important the atmosphere to be how relaxing it can be. Of course, the scented candles and the fine wine shouldn’t be missed from the scene. When the moment in which you have to discover the most sensitive parts of his body comes, it’s recommended that you’ll start with the temple and the forehead zone, to sensual massage them very sensual for a couple of minutes.

Then, you have to continue with his chest, to massages it with soft moves, but with deep presses too. You can soft play with your nails along his body, or only with your fingertips. Certainly, he will enjoy it and it will be crazy delighted.

Massaged him his entire back with slow and circular moves. It is recommended that these moves be made only with your fingertips. The fits will have to receive a special treatment. If you massaged him his knees with some circular moves, then it’s all yours.

The sensual massage it’s also a good couple retreat because it brings together the two partners. It helps you to discover the erogenous zones of you lover and vice versa, but most of all it’s an excellent medication against the stress.

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